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calówki z nadrukiemcalówki z nadrukiemcalówki z nadrukiem

Quality appreciated by professionals – this is our standard.
The professional is recognized by tools which he uses.

Our company offers professional measuring tools with logo you wish to have and colors you choose.carpenter rules with print
Thanks to our best quality of work our products provide you with one hundred percent of satisfaction, and what`s more important – they remain functional.

Producer of carpenter rules and pencils with logo of your company.

We offer inch-rules, folding rules and carpenter pencils on website this is a product of highest quality – both in term of materials used for a production and also professionally performed advertising imprints.


We recommend the wide range of rules in colors you choose. What can make them more special and standing out on the competitive market , this is labeling them with unique imprint that you prefer.


carpenter rules with printWooden rulers we offer are not only a product that distinguish you, but also guarantee long-lasting usage thanks to its solidity and premium quality.
Grow up! Our services allow you to find the durable rules that can be personalized thanks to logo of your company. Carpentry pencils with your individual print can be ideal as advertising product. We perform the advertising printing on our own equipment and machinery. Thanks to this gift you remain in memory of your clients and give yourself a chance for the future cooperation.

Prints on measures carpentry

metry stolarskie z nadrukiem

Metrówki drewniane znakujemy metodami: tampodruku, graweru i druku cyfrowego UV.Własny park maszynowy pozwala nam oferować produkty nie tylko znakomitej jakości, ale także z idelanie wykonanym znakowaniem.Dodatkowo jako producent metrówek stolarskich zlecania wykonujemy w krótkim terminie.



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